MPO to JPS converter

Thanks for stopping by my little project, browse for your .MPO file, click submit and this page will split your image into a stereo pair, it makes two separate images of the original size even though they look smaller (I just made the page size them like that for easy viewing), just save them to your PC and they'll be original size. I'm working on making a single stereo image also, that'll be coming soon.

It seem quite a few poeple are using this now, and thats great, I'm aware of a few bugs when the files are largeish, I shall work on a fix asap and try to get this on a dedicated site, please spread the word.


I am aware of a problem where the stereo image comes out black sometimes, if you get this I love to have the original picture emailed to me at 'mpo (at) ukinet.co.uk' then I'll be able to understand why and fix it, thanks!


MPO file to convert: